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Mankato State University, Micheal Fagin giving a speech in the Performing Arts Building, 1988
Mankato State University, formal gathering of people at the performing art building before or after a performance, 1988
Mankato State University, back view of auditorium, back of individual's heads. Performing Arts Building, 1980
Mankato State University, women giving a speech in what looks to be the Centennial Student Union, 1990
Mankato State College, college student playing trumpet to an audience, March 20, 1958.
Mankato  State College, students standing outside for an event. December 2, 1957.
Mankato State College, male students sitting together telling stories, December 31, 1957.
Students celebrating an event near Christmas time at Mankato State College 1958-03-13
Mankato State College, event announce and two males at an event, February 23, 1958
Performer in "Night Club" at charity carnival at Mankato State College, 1962-03-30.
Freshmen leaving theater at Mankato State College, 1962-09-24.
Two men speaking in front of a crowd at Mankato State College, 1963-03-22.
Joan Tubbelsing holding flash cards at a gym meet, Mankato State College, 1963-02-23.
Audience at Mankato State College Homecoming game, 1964-10-19.
Homecoming royalty watching Homecoming game at Mankato State College, 1964-10-19.
Audience listening to speaker at Industrial Arts Conference Banquet, Mankato State College, 1963-04-30.
Crowd at Mankato State College, 1960-12-12.