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William Morris Coach of Basketball and Instructor in Physical Education. Mankato State College December 1, 1958
Football Team, Mankato State College, 1960-09-19
Football Team, Mankato State College, 1960-09-19
Rometo "Rummy" Macias and C.P. Blakeslee at Golf Club at Mankato State College, 1964-06-04.
Dr. Gerrit Wissink and Mr. Phillip Farkas at 1962 Snow Week concert at Mankato State College, 1963-02-13.
Carlyn Blakeslee at Minneopa Golf Course, 1961-10-18.
Arden Hesla measuring beards for Snow Week contest at Mankato State College, 1962-01-29.
Mankato State College, MSC's college basketball team, March 16, 1958
Intramural track meet tug of war at Mankato State College, 1962-06-04.
Mankato State College Band Director, Clayton Tiede, 1964-11-02.
John Hodowanic, Steve Boelke, and Paul Almveled at the Mankato State College Homecoming Game, 1963-10-24.
Lloyd Bjornstad, instructor of Industrial Arts Education, viewing student projects, 1960-12-05.
Mankato State College freshman students at "Frosh" Picnic in the gym, 1960-11-14.
Music professor, Mr. Clayton Tiede holding English horn and alto clarinet at Mankato State College, 1961-01-16.
Wrestling coach Rometo "Rummy" Macias and his son at Mankato State College, 1965-09-29.