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Abo Habib, Mankato, MN - Homecoming 2016 at Minnesota State University, Mankato.
Becky Miller, Mankato, MN - Homecoming 2016 at Minnesota State University, Mankato
College President Margaret Preska and her peers at Mankato State University, 1990-05-07.
Mary Dooley receiving an award at Mankato State University, 1990-05-31.
Mr. Nicol and another faculty member preparing to throw a bowling ball at a bowling alley at Mankato State College, 1959-12-23.
Members of the faculty bowling at Mankato State College 1959-12-10
Mankato State College, club meeting, December 2, 1957.
President Nickerson and company Mankato State College 1966-1973
Administration Mingles Mankato State College 1966-1973
Banquet speaker at Mankato State College, 1962-05-03.
Faculty sitting at a table in the lounge at Mankato State College, 1962-01-02.
Mr. Scholmeier and Dr. Higgins at Engineering Club meeting, Mankato State College, 1963-04-25.
Man sitting at his desk writing at Mankato State College, 1963-03-22.
Group of men sitting at a table, Mankato State College, 1963-03-22.
Geraldine Clewell arranging flowers in her office at Mankato State College, 1964-11-12.
Industrial Arts Conference at Mankato State College, 1963-04-30.
Refreshment table at a Christmas Tea sponsored by the Mankato State College Women's Residence Halls, 1960-12-12.
Woman in her office reading a book at Mankato State College, 1963-02-23.
Mankato State University, graduation ceremony, faculty and students included, June 1989