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Two administrators at a book fair, Mankato State College, 1958-07-08
Book Store at Mankato State College 1968-03-07
Book Fair at Mankato  State College on November 18,1958
Students in line at bookstore, Mankato State College, 1961-11-06.
Two women working at a table in the student union book store at Mankato State College 1968-02-16
Mrs. Dubke, Wigwam Bookstore Manager at Mankato State College working with Mrs. Turner and another unidentified woman, 1962-06-19.
Man reading a book in the Mankato State College Bookstore, 1964-11-17.
Man browsing in the Mankato State College Bookstore, 1964-11-17.
Mrs. Andersen at desk in bookstore at Mankato State College, 1961-11-01.
A group of men and women posing for a picture outside of the Mankato State University off-campus bookstore, 1980s.
A picture of the Maverick Bookstore building and a sign stating who was responsible for the construction of the building, 1990s.