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College band students during Homecoming week at Mankato State University, 1989-10-12.
Students interacting with one another during class outside of Armstrong Hall, Mankato State University, 1990-04-26.
Band students enjoying Homecoming Week at Mankato State University, 1989-10-20.
A picture of Mankato State College parking lots, 1970.
A Mankato State College postcard depicting students walking on the Campus Mall and into the Morris Hall academic building, 1970s.
A picture taken from the Mankato State University Trafton Science Center sidewalk looking at Armstrong Hall and Morris Hall, 1970s.
A picture showing the construction of the Mankato State University Highland North building, 1970s.
A picture the Mankato State University campus mall, 1970s.
A photograph of the Fountain and Chthonic during the winter; Armstrong Hall is shown in the background; Mankato State University; 1991
A picture of the Mankato State College Campus Mall landscaping, 1972.
A picture of a Mankato State University student walking from the Wigley Administration Center into the Morris Hall academic building, 1980s.
A picture illustrating the development of the Mankato State College campus, Mankato Airport, and the surrounding area, 1964.
An aerial view of the highland campus at Mankato State College 1965-06-18