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SMHC Collection 1441. Longwell-Wera, Patricia A. Oral History Interview, 26 April and 24 May 1990.
SMHC Collection 1440. Wehking, Gertrude. Oral History Interview, 18 October and 1 December 1990.
SMHC Collection 1438. Thiesse, Sylvan H., 1921-2015. Oral History Interview, 14 and 19 November 1990.
SMHC Collection 1437. Steinberg, Ronald R., 1938-2014. Oral History Interview, 14 and 28 November 1990.
SMHC Collection 1435. Shea, Patricia (Marie) Ann, 1926-2009. Oral History Interview, 20 and 31 October 1990.
Minnesota State University, Mankato Baseball|Coaches|Bowyer photos file|bowyer bath
Minnesota State University, Mankato Baseball|Baseball Scans|historical|1990 Baseball Team
Minnesota State University, Mankato Baseball|baseball archives|1990 Baseball Team
Becky Schwartzkopf (red checkered shirt) is shown filling up a cup at the Memorial Library addition dedication party; Unknown women filling up a cup and others around her are talking; Mankato State University; 1990