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An actress sitting onstage, Mankato State College, 1964-02-19.
"School for Scandal" play at Mankato State College 1959-04-07
Mankato State College, Hawaiian celebration, April 26, 1960.
"Born Yesterday" fall play, November 4, 1958 Mankato State College
"Born Yesterday" Fall Play Mankato State College October 31, 1958.
Verna Carney, Mrs. Forester and Bill Wood backstage in costume at Mankato State College, 1959-01-23.
Actress Mrs. Vincent Forester points to a globe in winter play at Mankato State College, 1959-01-23.
Student actress Florence Uhlenkamp reads a book in the winter play at  Mankato State College, 1959-01-23.
Scene of Mrs. Vincent Forester erasing blackboard in "The Corn is Green" at Mankato State College, 1959-01-20.
"Born Yesterday" fall play, 1958 Mankato State College October 21, 1958.
A female student acting on stage, Mankato State College, 1960-11-02
A man coming upstage to give flower for an actress, Mankato State College, 1962-03-23
Female student and dog practicing for the performance of the " Wizard of OZ " at Mankato State University, 1989-10-01.