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Student studies in the library by the world globe, Mankato State University date presumed to be 1990s.
Class activity outside of Armstrong Hall at Mankato State University, 1990-06-26.
Students in the Centennial Student Union at Mankato State University, 1991-05-08.
Mankato State University student studying, 1991-05-08.
MSU college student studying in the dorms at Mankato State University, 1990-05-15.
Students interacting with one another during class outside of Armstrong Hall, Mankato State University, 1990-04-26.
Students sitting outside of Armstrong Hall for class at Mankato State University, 1990-04-26.
A student studying in the lounge at Mankato State University, 1990-05-15.
A group of unidentified faculty and students by the online catalog in the Memorial Library, Mankato State University
One child finishes his assignment while three other child stand near him ready to hand in their work at Wilson Campus School, Mankato State College, 1969