Hess, David N., 1926-1997. Oral History Interview, 14 May 1990. SMHC Manuscript Collection 1423.

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David Hess, Mankato State University, 1980s.
David Hess, Professor of Educational Foundations, 1968-1991, Mankato State University.
SMHC 1423 Audio Hess
The David N. Hess collection consists of an audiocassette tape, a CD duplicate of the audiocassette, and transcript of an oral history interview conducted between Hess and Michelle Zeig during the spring of 1990. Hess worked as a professor of Educational Foundations at Mankato State University in Mankato, Minnesota. In the interview, Hess discussed the changes that he believed had occurred in education and at the school between 1951 and 1990. He mentioned the student protests of the early 1970s, the faculty union, the institution’s change from being a state college to being a state university, and his opinions about the university’s administrators through the years. This oral history interview was conducted as a requirement for the graduate level Educational Foundations course entitled History of Education in American Culture at Mankato State University in Mankato, Minnesota. More information about this collection is available on the collection guide, http://lib.mnsu.edu/archives/fa/smhc/smhc1423.html.